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Welcome to Boston Common Golf
October 30, 2023, Boston, MA


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Fenway Sports Group has officially announced Boston Common Golf, the latest addition to TGL ahead of early 2025 launch.

In a nod to the communal spirit of Boston and to reinforce a team purpose centered on accessibility, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) has officially unveiled the brand identity for its tech-forward TGL golf team, Boston Common Golf. The new name, roundel, color palette, and overall branding system were created in partnership with Doubleday & Cartwright, an independent creative agency supporting projects at the intersection of sports, art, and culture.

“We’ve created this brand identity carefully with a nod to the timeless legacies of both golf and our city while also embracing a fresh, dynamic approach that supports our purpose to help foster accessibility through this new, modern and technologically connected team format of the game,” said Boston Common Golf Governor Teddy Werner. “With a full understanding of the time it takes for brands to find their footing, we hope what we’ve created serves as a solid foundation for our team’s evolving journey.”

“This was an incredible honor for us to work on,” said Doubleday & Cartwright Founding Partner Chris Isenberg. “It hurts me to say as a New Yorker, but Boston has become the true City of Champions. Their major franchises all have storied, powerful identities – led by the Red Sox – and we believe the Boston Common Golf name and identity is the foundation for the city’s next great sports brand. Creatively, we’re thrilled with where we landed – a brand intended to represent the notion of ‘Future Classic,’ inspired by honoring the classic traditions of golf and team sports while embracing the future-looking approach of TGL.”

Team Name

Boston Common Golf pays homage to the city’s iconic public space and reinforces the vision of accessibility to the game which drives TGL’s new, tech-forward golf league. The Boston Common, located at the heart of the city for centuries, is the country’s first public park and remains a place both for Boston to play and a powerful symbol of unity to inspire. In the wordmark logo, the word “Common” is a accentuated using a bigger font to underscore the communal and accessible sentiment the team aspires to create and make golf a game for everyone.


A new suite of distinct logos create a design system inspired by the City of Boston, Boston Common and the game of golf. Two of the marks include a nod to Frog Pond, the playful heart of the Boston Common: one, the Bullfrog whose puffed chest transforms into a golf ball; and, two, The Flagstick, which emerges from a lily pad and flies the signature “B” of Boston Common Golf.


The wordmark draws inspiration from the arched style and typography seen on signage across the city and state when entering Boston and other towns throughout the Commonwealth. The dynamic “B” letter mark design is a simple and classic initial for Boston, carrying the suggestion of a driver and its 9-degree loft angle within its letter form.


The primary color for Boston Common Golf, Common Green, symbolizes the richness of the sport and city: namely, the abundance of green spaces, the proud Irish heritage, and the walls of Fenway Sports Group’s namesake. Along with Earth White and Navy, the palette includes a pop of vibrant lime green (Boston Volt) to represent a new, modern vision for golf and the vivid digital and dimensional environment in the SoFi Center - TGL’s new tech-forward venue in Palm Beach, Florida.

Images for the logo system and design inspiration can be found by clicking here.

Boston Common Golf can be followed online at, and on social media platforms using the handle @CommonGolf on Instagram, X, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook.

The team will host content on YouTube using the handle @BostonCommonGolf.