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Triples & Singles: First Look at the Competition Format
March 22, 2024, Orlando, FL


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An introduction to all things modern match play ahead of the season launch of TGL presented by SoFi in January 2025.

How will matches be played in the new league? We’ve broken it down so you can be ready to cheer on your favorite team.

What’s The Format?

TGL teams will be playing 15 holes of golf each match, divided into two sessions: 9 holes of Triples (3 vs. 3 alternate shot) and 6 holes of Singles (head-to-head play).

Two teams made up of three players each will tee off at SoFi Center and start with Triples. From there, they'll complete the match by playing Singles. Modern match play is the scoring system: Each hole is worth 1 point and the team with the fewest shots on a hole wins the point. The team with the most points at the end of the night wins the match.

Let's give you an example of how Triples will work. Say Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley are playing for Boston Common Golf against Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay and Billy Horschel on Atlanta Drive. On hole 1 of Triples, Rory tees off for Boston and JT tees off for Atlanta. Then, Scott will take the next shot for Boston, Cantlay will do the same for Atlanta and so on, until the hole is complete. That's Triples, 3 vs. 3 alternate shot.

To give you an example of how Singles works: The 10th hole begins with head-to-head play as Rory representing Boston plays JT on Atlanta. They play the entire hole and the winner (fewest shots) earns the point. The next hole, Scott faces Cantlay. And then Bradley vs. Horschel. The cycle begins again for holes 13, 14 and 15, so in total 6 holes of Singles will be played.

Regular Season Point System Explained

So what happens when one team wins the match? Similar to professional hockey, TGL will use a points-based system for regular season matches. For each match, teams can be awarded up to two (2) points towards their regular-season total based on the following:

In our example, if Boston Common Golf wins the match they will be awarded two points to their regular season total. Atlanta Drive would get 0 points (unless they lost in overtime, in which case they'd earn 1 point).

Who will be Crowned Champion?

The top four teams from the regular season will advance to the playoffs, which will include single-elimination semifinals and a “best-of-three” Championship Series.

Where the Magic Happens

  • SoFi Center, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
  • SoFi Center is a nearly 250,000-square-foot venue that will accommodate approximately 1,500 people on match nights during TGL’s inaugural season.
  • SoFi Center will include a large plaza area to host pre-match festivities and numerous elements to complement and enhance the fan experience

Field of play: The field of play within SoFi Center will be infused with various technologies and cover an area approximately 97 by 50 yards, roughly the size of a football field.

Tee Shots and Approach: Players will hit from tee boxes with real grass, fairway, rough, and sand on tee shots and approach shots into a 64 x 46 foot screen powered by Full Swing technology. The screen is roughly 20 times the size of a standard simulator.

Short-game and putting: For shots of approximately 50 yards or less, depending on green setup and hole locations, the players will transition to a custom-built complex referred to as the “GreenZone” that is larger than four basketball courts and will feature the largest-ever adaptable putting surface built by Full Swing. The 3,800 square-foot tech-infused green sits on a 41-yard-wide turntable that rotates, while the green itself features nearly 600 actuators embedded under the putting surface to change the slope of the green, creating a variety of play on every hole.

Create Your Fandom

  • TGL will consist of six teams with four players on each team (24 total PGA TOUR players). Only three players per team will compete on match night.
  • In advance of each match, the two competing teams will name three competitors.
  • All players will be mic'd up during the competition.

Let's take a look at the six teams and their rosters:

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